Healing waters of Rotorua

New Zealanders have access to many natural treasures in their own backyard that others only dream of.

In Rotorua for example, you will find active geothermal activity. Not only does this give a spectacular alien like scenery, with steam and boiling mud pool, red and green pools that fizz like champagne, the locals use the geothermal activity for daily activities. Some houses in the city centre have their own boiling pools in their backyard, naturally sprung open from the ground, that they can use for cooking or heating their houses.

Rotorua attracts many travellers every year to explore the geothermal activity, making tourism one of the biggest industries for this town. You will find the locals are friendly in sharing their culture, stories and lifestyle.

For me the best thing about the geothermal activity is the hot mineral bathing. There are two famous hot springs in Rotorua, the Priest Spring and Rachel Spring both renowned for their healing properties. The Priest Spring contains unique minerals and slightly acidic water that is said to cure aches and pains in muscles and joints great for those suffering from Arthritis and other Rheumatic illnesses. The Rachel Spring water has a natural antiseptic action due to its sodium silica content and feels soft and soothing for your skin.

In the 1800s local government build bath houses on the sites of the springs to promote good health and to attract people to the town. Today you will find the luxurious Polynesian Spa in Rotorua that is the only spa to have exclusive access to the Priest and Rachel Springs. Situated on the lake front of Lake Rotorua, you can enjoy hot mineral bathing in healing waters as you enjoy the stunning steaming scenery.

Polynesian Spa, an internationally award winning spa, has also added ten spa treatment rooms utilising the stunning lake views.  Here you can experience being enveloped in warm Rotorua thermal mud. The thermal mud in Rotorua contains properties of the tea tree (manuka) that is the only plant life that survives the harsh geothermal environment and drops it leaves in to the mud, infusing it with tea tree goodness. The mud itself contains many other minerals good for the skin.

When visiting Rotorua you cannot skip this hot mineral bathing. I highly recommend you try the unique spring waters at Polynesian Spa and test the healing properties for yourself.