Heli-Snowmobiling - only in New Zealand.

For adrenalin pumping action on the snow then look out for New Zealand's only heli-snowmobiling adventure in Queenstown.

What is on your outdoor bucket list?  We're betting that snowmobiling is on your list.  Even better, in Queenstown you can go on New Zealand's only heli-snowmobiling adventure. 

Join no more than six other guests (they might be ticking off their bucket list too) for around one and half hours exploring the inspiring Garvie Plateau. This snowcapped wilderness is only accessible by helicopter. 

Enjoy an amazing 15-20 minute helicopter ride each way, that takes you from Queenstown airport, along the side of the Remarkables, Hector Mountains, across the Nevis valley and onto the Garvie Plateau. 

No Experience Needed

The great thing about Queenstown Snowmobiles is that you need no experience on snowmobiles or for that matter quad bikes or jet skis.  You don't even need a drivers license!

You'll be in the accomplished hands of a highly qualified outdoors guide who will give you all the tuition you need to ride the snowmobiles safely.  Set off in a convoy to explore the snowy plateau and along the way stop for fantastic photo opportunities. 

Families are welcome with young people (under 17 years) riding as a pillion passenger.    It is a real bonding experience for families and definately something they'll talk about for years to come. 

Gear for You

I've you've arrived into Queenstown with ski gear then great.....wear that.  But if not, then a warm jumpsuit, snowboots, gloves and full helmet are all provided as part of the trip cost.

So all you need to do is bring your sense of fun, some sunglasses (for the helicopter ride there and back) and sunscreen. 


The time for snowmobiling is June - end September when snow falls on the Garvie Plateau.  This is the New Zealand winter and spring time.  

Self Drive?

The Garvie Plateau is secluded, snowcovered and well off the beaten path.  There is no road access at all, hence this is where the helicopters come into play.  You can however drive to the helicopter base and your car can be parked free of charge while you're away snowmobiling. 





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