Hidden gems you need to visit in the North and South Islands

6 spots to check out in the North and South Islands that will take your breathe away!

From secluded beaches, to untouched forests and tumbling waterfalls, New Zealand has plenty that's bound to please. Get a taste for what the country's about and head of the beaten track to these hidden spots. These 6 attractions are worth a look!  

In the North Island:

1. Utea Park and Northland
People often choose to visit the Bay of Islands instead of Northland when venturing beyond Auckland, and while the former sure is beautiful, there’s sooooo much to see in Northland too! Utea Park is a highlight that’s definitely worth a look. The camp is set among
the sand dunes and it’s just a short walk to the beach. Bliss.

2. Waikawau Tunnel Beach
This spot is close to the popular Waitomo caves and it’s worth making a detour for. A stunning beach awaits, but, like the name suggests you need to pass through a manmade tunnel to get there!  It makes for a great photo opportunity as you emerge into the light!

3. Great Barrier Island
This beauty requires a little more effort to reach. It’s a 2-4 hour ferry ride from the coast but this means it’s incredible serene, quiet and untouched. You’ll fall in love with the native forest, incredible beaches and abundant wildlife!

In the South Island:

1. The Caitlins
You’ll find this area tucked away in the southeast corner of the South Island. It’s packed full of natural beauty ad is a real treat for the senses. There’s ancient forests, pristine beaches and cascading waterfalls that almost don’t look real! 

2. Castle Hill Boulders
You can check out this natural wonder as you’re dribing along the Great Alpine Highway. They really are a sight to behold. The Dalai Lama named the boulders at Castle Hill ‘the spiritual centre of the universe’, so that gives you an idea of what to expect!

3. Pancake Rocks, Punakaiki
You’ve probably heard of this one, but we had to mention it! The slices of stone here really do look like a stack of pacncakes! Come at high tide so you can see the seawater geysers put on a show.

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