Hike up high above Lake Tekapo

Enjoy a sense of isolation and freedom as you get "above it all" in the Two Thumb Range, Te Kahui Kaupeka Conservation Park.

The Tekapo Trek takes place in the foothills of the Southern Alps, to the east of the Main Divide, where both weather and landscape are gentler. A private hut is used, reached after 3 hours hike up from the carpark. We climb Beuzenberg Peak, 2073m, on Day 2 and enjoy grand views all along “Snake Ridge” out over the Mackenzie Basin and Lake Tekapo, and at the same time get an impressive view of the East Face of Mount Cook and Mount Tasman.

The evening light of the Mackenzie High Country as it bathes golden tussock, snow-capped peaks and the turquoise of Lake Tekapo is pure magic. Climb a 2070m peak and return to a cosy mountain hut to savour the sun setting behind mountain silhouettes and a star-studded sky - one of the clearest and darkest skies in the southern hemisphere.

The Te Kahui Kaupeka Conservation Park encompasses the spectacular landscapes of ice-steepened mountains and broad glaciated valleys of the Two Thumb Range.


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