HikingNewZealand.com Tip #6 – no more manky toothbrush

Here is another tip in a series of helpful hints for hikers that will make life safer and more comfy in New Zealand's outdoors.

Use an old film container to protect your toothbrush when hiking. Cut a cross in the lid that you push your toothbrush through. If you drill holes at the ends, you'll stop the slits running and potentially splitting the lid right through. You may need to choose a toothbrush with a small head to fit through the hole. If you're only going away for one night, you can preload your toothbrush, to save carrying toothpaste. Use a black Kodak film canister as they keep the light out and the toothbrush won't go moldy.

Attention: hunt down a film canister quick, or you'll never get one! :-)

No worries now mate.

*  *  *

Hiking New Zealand is all about taking small groups hiking and trekking around New Zealand. We get off the beaten track to many places in National Parks that no other companies (and few individuals) ever get to. Sometimes we stay in simple lodges with good facilities, but more often we sleep in mountain huts or bush-camp far away from civilisation.

We hope you enjoyed our hiking tips.

Safe tramping,

Malcolm O’Neill

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