Holiday Homes: Queenstown

Details of Queenstown for those looking to visit New Zealand

Queenstown is justifiably among New Zealand's most popular resorts. It is located on the shore of Lake Wakatipu, in the South Island's southwest region. The town is bordered by a range of tall mountain peaks.

Due to its location, Queenstown can offer recreational activities throughout the year. You can unwind on the beach and go swimming on a warm summer day. You can go canoeing and explore the beautiful mountains in autumn and spring. Winter is the ideal season for snowboarding and skiing. However, prior to visiting Queenstown, you need to pick your accommodations.

The resort has accommodations for all preferences and budgets. The serviced and self-contained apartments are the most common type of Queenstown accommodation. If you enjoy your privacy, then this is the ideal choice for you. You can expect all the facilities of a normal holidays home in one of these apartments. The price of the apartments varies, based on location and size. You will have to pay extra for luxury self-catering accommodations.

There are many five, four and three star hotels located in Queenstown and the surrounding areas. Usually, the room rates are at least 100 New Zealand Dollars (NZD) per night. These rates can be as much as 2600NZD. You can choose luxurious accommodations that have all types of impressive amenities. However, if you are visiting Queenstown to enjoy the great outdoors, it might be better to choose a modestly-priced hotel. Undoubtedly, you can get a cozy and clean room with good service without having to break the bank.

Unusually, Queenstown bed and breakfast accommodations are not less expensive than the hotel accommodations. The majority of B&Bs provide four star luxuries, which is reflected in the room rates. Nonetheless, a bed and breakfast accommodation is quieter and more private than the larger resorts and hotels.

For budget travelers, there are two main options. The various motels provide different kinds of amenities and rooms, so the prices are considerably different. However, these accommodations are quite competitively priced. Accommodation for backpackers is the least expensive and most widely available in Queenstown. Rates can start from as little as 22NZD per night.

Make sure you thoroughly research the different available Queenstown holiday homes. It is best to plan your holiday early, decide where you want to stay, and make reservations  in advance of your trip. The resort is fairly busy from July to September, which is the peak winter season. For a closer look at whats available have a look at listing on NZ - Queenstown Holiday Homes

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