Huka Falls Walkway

A pleasant walk for the whole family along the riverbank of the Waikato River, finishing at the spectacular Huka Falls. 6km, approx 2 hours.

To get there, Turn right off Tongariro Street into Spa Road at the northern end of Taupo, then left into County Avenue and drive into Spa Thermal Park. Following the signs, walk for five minutes across the park to the Waikato River.

Near the start of the walkway, a bridge crosses a natural hot stream. The well-defined track winds along the riverbank and offers lovely views on the way. The walk finishes at the spectacular Huka Falls, where the Waikato River is confined to a deep rock channel. The river emerges with a rush at the northern end to form the falls. Return via the same track or arrange transport from Huka Falls carpark.