Tips for an all-girls trip

Travelling with girlfriends will definitely bounce you back to your usual, perky self as well as bring a much needed motivation into your life.

There comes a time when one wants to escape routine everyday life and head out for a change. In many ways, having a little girl time can do you a world of good. It is all about indulging and pampering yourself while having fun. Travelling with girlfriends will definitely bounce you back to your usual, perky self as well as bring a much needed motivation into your life. So if you have decided to take that all-girls trip, here are some tips that might come in handy:-

A successful trip needs some pre planning. You will need to take care of a few things before the date of leaving. For instance, you can do the laundry, the dishes and stock the kitchen. Foremost, make sure that all your documents, especially travel documents, are in place and ready to be taken with you. In case you lose these documents, contact a passport service for guidelines.

The setting expectations
You can have discussions with the girls about the appropriate destination, and the nature of the trip. Is it going to be a work trip, a vacation or simply an urban exploration? Everybody has certain expectations from a trip. You might want to simply relax while your friend might be looking forward to trying something new. It is therefore advisable to get together and discuss every possibility.   

Setting a budget
Trips are fun and quite essential, but they turn out to be expensive as well. And no matter how much you plan the budget, having spare resources will give you a sense of security. Because this is going to be a group event, dividing the expenses is the best way to go. Money matters tend to get awkward, but a discussion about the same will ensure that a bulk of expenses doesn’t fall on one person.

Be considerate
Holidays provide a much needed reprieve from an otherwise hectic schedule. It is entirely plausible that you will get wrapped up in your own idea of relaxing and having fun. But remember that travelling in a group means everybody’s comforts should be considered.  

Have realistic expectations
Not every trip will go smooth without hitches. Do not expect everything to go on perfectly with your friends. Just because it is a vacation does not necessarily mean there will be no conflicts. Girl friends are likely to differ especially in interests, priorities and other important matters such as accommodation. As such, how to handle the situation is what matters. The little differences should never be allowed to take the better part of the trip.

Handle the most important aspects of travelling well in advance. Give equal importance to the boarding, eating spots, tourist spots, transportation and some time to oneself. If you are travelling in a group of say, five members, you don’t need to stick together all the time. It is good to split at times and explore different things. This way, when all the girls gather to have dinner, there will be a lot to share and talk about.

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