Kaka Circus daily at Pukaha Mount Bruce

Each day at Pukaha Mount Bruce, the wild North Island Kaka are fed a snack. These natural clowns are a delight to watch!

Each day at Pukaha Mount Bruce from around 2.00pm, the wild kaka who live in the bush start gathering.

Nearly twenty years ago, the Department of Conservation started a captive breeding programme for the North Island Kaka and now, a wild population thrives in the forest.

Each day at 3pm, the visitor experience staff place walnuts, cheese, corn, seeds and other bird friendly delights in the feeders and the kaka swoop in to snack.  They are fearless and dive down to enjoy their food.  Although they swoop close Susie, one of the staff, says that in her five years at Pukaha, she's never seen them hit anyone - they are much too smart for that.

Entry to Pukaha Mount Bruce is $20 per adult, $6 per child 5-15 years and $50 for a family pass (2 adults and up to 4 children). Under 5's are free.  

Pukaha Mount Bruce is open daily 9am - 4.30pm (every day except Christmas Day)

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