Kaka circus - Pukaha Mount Bruce

Kaka are cheeky, curious and love to gossip! Watching them swoop and tumble through the crowd at feed time is a must do when you're in the Wairarapa...

Pukaha National Wildlife Centre  is a playground for cheeky kaka and everyday at 3pm they descend into their feeding area for a bit of gossip and something to eat. Gliding onto tree branches and tall silver feeders the flap of wings and rush of air make the kaka feed session a spectacle to see, feel and hear.

Pukaha rangers dish out the kaka food as they tell you about these curious birds and the gathering crowd are kept well entertained as kaka hop from branch to branch, coming so close you could touch them – in fact it’s not that rare for a kaka to brush a human shoulder with its wing on the way in!

These beautiful native parrots are very intelligent and love to socialise; swooping and tumbling with each other as they call and tease. It’s great fun to watch!

Pukaha, National Wildlife Centre is 20 minutes drive from Masterton on State Highway 2 and is home to a huge array of native wildlife including Manukura, the little white kiwi.

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