Learn to fly in Rotorua

Find out how you can spread your wings and learn to fly on your trip to Rotorua

If you are looking to spread your wings and get your adrenalin pumping on your visit to Rotorua we recommend the following attractions which are all great ways to take flight.

Freefall Xtreme

The Freefall Xtreme is a giant wind column that will give you the chance to fly like your favourite super hero.

The flight team stays with you for the entire experience to ensure that you make the most of your experience, helping you pull off spins and barrel rolls. The big benefit to taking flight with the Freefall Xtreme is that you spend longer freefalling than you will jumping from a plane.

There is plenty of room for friends and family to watch you fly and it will have them laughing till their sides hurt!

Rotorua Bungy

Have you been thinking about taking the ultimate leap of faith? Bungy jumping is a great way to get your heart pumping and adrenalin flowing. On your visit to Rotorua you can bungy jump at New Zealand's best value bungy - The Rotorua Bungy.

Really want to take the plunge but not sure that you'll make it over the edge?  That’s no problem at Rotorua Bungy, you can opt for a tandem bungy with a Bungy Master who will get you over the edge and flying through the air.

The Swoop

The Swoop is not your average playground swing. You and up to two friends strap into the body harness and are elevated to 40m (141ft) high. Someone in your group then pulls the ripcord, sending you towards the earth below at up to 130kmph (81mph). You swing back and forth like a giant pendulum while you take in the views of the Rotorua countryside.

If these attractions sound like a great addition to your holiday in Rotorua then check out Velocity Valley. Velocity Valley is a thrill-seekers paradise with five exhilarating, adrenalin pumping attractions that will have you grinning from ear-to-ear. 

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