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The Earnslaw Burn in Glenorchy, with its stark glaciers, steep waterfalls and valleys provides a spectacular location in “An Unexpected Journey ” .


Sheer walls of granite rise 800 meters from the basin floor, a monumental glacier cascades from the top of the cliff to form ice caves below that melt during summer to create dozens of waterfalls.


This is one of the most spectacular shooting locations in this film as Bilbo and the Company of Dwarves continue their quest on foot after departing Rivendell. The dramatic scenes of the Misty Mountain Paths where the The Company trek below majestic waterfalls and then along sub alpine bluffs towards the Misty Mountains.


You can experience this location with Heliworks the only operator permitted to land in the Earnslaw Burn situated on Mt Earnslaw Station.


Private Discovery Tours can arrange your heli flight then visit the Paradise Valley to view other LOTR locations including Mt Alfred overlooking Isengard in the Dart River Valley.




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