Milford Track & Sandfly Point

Experience the 'finest walk in the world' as you retrace the steps of early explorers on the world-renowned Milford Track.

The Milford Track, one of the Great Walks, is a multi-day hike in Fiordland National Park.

Take a journey through dramatic scenery. Hike though valleys and admire majestic mountain peaks as you cross the Southern Alps over MacKinnon Pass.

Discover the magic of a rainforest and experience the vitality of the Sutherland Falls along the way. For nature-lovers, the tiny green orchids and purple fungus are the best kept secret.

The 53.5km Milford Track, managed by the Department of Conservation (DOC), takes 4 days to hike. The track goes from Glade Wharf, at the northern end of Lake Te Anau, to Sandfly Point in Milford Sound. The best time to go is from late October to late April, the Milford Track Great Walks season. Bookings for accommodation in DOC huts are required and should be made well in advance.

Walkers need to be self-sufficient, well-prepared and equipped for changeable alpine weather conditions.

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