Mohaka Grade 5 Rafting

Rafting the Mohaka River’s Grade 5 Section is a True Masterpiece of New Zealand Wilderness.

Rafting the Mohaka River’s Grade 5 Section is a True Masterpiece of New Zealand Wilderness.

If you are looking to spend a day truly mesmerized by New Zealand’s beauty, and want to full fill your quest for adventure, this is the trip you have been searching for.  This full day excursion has everything needed to stimulate all of your senses.  From breathtaking 200 meter gorges carved out by the river, wind, and rain, to the maze of house size boulders the river rushes its way through.  One of our favourite rocks is actually called House Rock, which we can explore from top to bottom through an intricate series of channels and holes that have been sculpted over decades past.  

 As you make your way down stream through class 4 and 5 rapids the excitement only escalates with the anticipation of what is coming up around the next corner.   This very technical Grade 5 section tests all participants involved with continuous sections of rapid after rapid, including the first one of the day, being 700 meters in length.  When the river finally decides to settle down, it just gives you enough time to fully appreciate the gorgeous scenery before sending you into the next section of white water.  

The Mohaka River supplements the amazing geological formations with a vast collection of wildlife and vegetation.  You can expect to see wonderful sections of native forest which hold a superb collection of New Zealand’s avian life.  One that is very special to the Mohaka is the endangered Blue Duck, a truly amazing rarity found nowhere else in the world.

Mohaka Rafting is one of the only rafting companies in New Zealand to run trips down this section of the Mohaka River, and is the only one to do so on a regular basis.  This full day experience is one of the longest Grade 5 rafting excursions in New Zealand consisting of approximately 5 hours on the river.  This experience is one of a kind and a piece of New Zealand that only a select few have had the privilege to discover. 

If you would like to join the elite group of people to journey down New Zealand’s Mohaka River, please follow the links to our website and let us take you on the experience of a lifetime.

 My name Kendall Warmington and I am one of Mohaka Rafting’s Grade 5 Guides.  I have worked in Canada as a raft guide for 4 years on the Ottawa River and am currently in my second season here at Mohaka Rafting.  The Mohaka River is, as I have noted above, a truly amazing river and has brought me to the other side of the world not just once, but for a second time.  I look forward to sharing this wonderful experience with others.

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Mohaka Rafting is located at 3408 State Highway 5, between Napier and Taupo.

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