Motorcycle touring In New Zealand

An overview of the services offered in New Zealand to motorcycle tourists

Motorcycle Touring in New Zealand

New Zealand is renowned for being the place to tour on a motorcycle. Stunning scenery, little traffic, great roads and friendly locals are just the start.

Kiwis are justifiably proud of their country and are always pleased to meet people who have come to tour this beautiful land. Cars will pull over to let you pass, Bikers are welcome everywhere.

It’s how motorcycling should be!

There are basically 3 ways to tour;

Guided Tours

On a guided tour you can enjoy the camaraderie of like minded people and the knowledge of professional tour guides.

You have the convenience of having your luggage carried in the support vehicle. You also have the peace of mind that you will get the very most from your tour, and that any issues that may arise will be resolved quickly and efficiently by your guides.

If you choose a company that has a minibus as a support vehicle, with a passenger endorsed tour guide, then they are able to carry your passenger should they want a break from the back of the bike.

Unguided or GPS guided tours

On this type of tour you ride without a guide. All your accommodation is booked in advance and pre-programmed onto a motorcycle GPS.

No worries about searching for accommodation at the end of each day.  Your chosen motorcycle tour company should design an itinerary having discussed with you exactly what you want to see and do during your vacation.

They will securely store your luggage, and if you’re doing a one way tour will courier it to your ultimate destination.

Motorcycle Rental

If you just want to do your own thing, are happy to look for accommodation at the end of each day, then this is for you.

You will be supplied with maps and advice, and again your luggage will be securely stored /couriered.

Getting the most out of your tour

Careful research will ensure you know what to expect and what’s included – this can make all the difference to your ‘Trip of a life-time’! 

I strongly recommend using a Qualmark licenced company – this is your guarantee of quality.

You’ll want a reliable, well maintained, recent model motorcycle for a trouble free adventure.

Little extras such as top boxes, soft lift out pannier bags, GPS brackets and emergency puncture repair kits provided free of charge can make a big impact on your enjoyment.

Inclusions on guided tours vary enormously, some may include all evening meals, side trips, airport transfers or motorcycle fuel, some may not – so ensure you are clear about what you will get.

Most companies will be happy for you to talk to past clients – this will give you a good indication of what to expect.

Finally, demand always exceeds supply, particularly January through March. Tours are full and all the bikes are out, to ensure you get your dream vacation, book as early as you can.

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