Natural romance on Kapiti Island

Kapiti Island is the perfect secluded getaway for couples.

Picture this...snuggling to the sound of a native bird dawn chorus; freshly caught fish for lunch; clasping hands at the start of a kiwi spotting tour.

I’ve visited the island in spring before and it’s gorgeous...little baby chicks, new’s really special.

The island is an internationally renowned sanctuary for engendered birds including kiwi and takahe. Where else do you get takahe wondering around as you enjoy lunch?

I’ll never forget the first time I visited the north end of Kapiti Island. It was a huge, huge reminder that humans really haven’t taken enough care with our natural resources and wildlife. Here, on the island, you feel like you are a human who is just visiting and witnessing New Zealand as it was. It’s like a looking-glass in that way. ‘Careful where you tread’, in all senses of that phrase, was something I carried back with me from the island.

There’s definitely a connection with nature and relaxation. There’s a rejuvenation that happens when you experience something so natural. And to be able to do this with your partner is very, very special.I hope you can get across to the island.