New Zealand: Honeymoon heaven

New Zealand's offerings as a honeymoon or romantic getaway destination promise a sharing experience that will last your lifetime.

If you've chosen New Zealand to celebrate your honeymoon, romantic escape or anniversary vacation, you have already made an exciting decision.  Now, much of its success will be made in the planning stages so here are some helpful tips.

Where to go and where to stay will be at the top of your list.  New Zealand offers an excellent range of quality accommodation to suit every honeymoon budget and vacation priority. Perhaps you prefer to allocate less on accommodation and more on activities, but that doesn't mean you have to compromise on the basics. Self contained motels and apartments, with kitchen facilities, can be your "home away from home".  Typically bigger than a standard hotel room, this style of accommodation is generally a high standard and very affordable. Many are Qualmark star rated which gives you reassurance that they have been independently assessed for quality and value.  Plus, by staying in motels you can save dollars and self cater sometimes if you like.  Perhaps test your culinary skills on some fresh local New Zealand produce, accompanied by an outstanding New Zealand wine!

Of course, luxury lodges and hotels provide a level of pampering that is very welcome after the hustle and bustle of your wedding.  A few reclusive days to rest and recuperate together, letting the world pass you by, can help you recover your energy levels to ensure you maximise your plans for the remainder of your holiday.

Touring by rental car is great fun.  New Zealand roads are very manageable and easy driving, but be aware that drive times may be longer than you expect.  We are a small country, but freeways are few and far between making driving a little slower than you might be used to.  And you will want to have time to stop and admire the every-changing, breathtaking landscapes that appear around every corner.   Test your teamwork if you are self driving. While one navigates, the other drives.  You will soon work out who has the best GPS skills!

New Zealand's great outdoors is the perfect landscape to share some very special experiences.  You can customise your honeymoon with your own special "brand", be it food & wine, high adrenalin adventures, relaxation and togetherness.  Making footprints in the sand on a deserted golden beach, sharing a bottle of sauvignon blanc on a pristine lake shore or strolling natural bush walks... they all become your own honeymoon signature. 

Lifetime "firsts", like a wedding, can include tandem skydiving, bungy jumping, outback safaris, hot air ballooning and tandem cycling.  These are truly sharing experiences that you will remember forever and are perfect for couples to experience together.

Planning your "must do" activities will ensure you return home with big ticks in all the boxes and have outstanding photos and videos to share with friends and family when you return home.  Getting as many boxes ticked during your honeymoon can be challenging when you are unfamiliar with the country, so getting some local expert help with your planning can be really useful.  Research some honeymoon itineraries to get an idea of what can be done within a certain budget and timeframe.  Make a list of your priorities and plan ahead at least 4-6 months to help reduce stress as your wedding day approaches.

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