New Zealand's South Island- it's Time 2 Go!

Incredibly photogenic and stunningly beautiful, when visiting the South Island you'll often feel like you're walking through a picture-perfect postcard.

Travelling from the North Island, you'll brave the bucking horses of Cook Strait.  During your journey you'll find bays of golden beaches, sparkling waters and glorious sunshine seduce you closer into a stormy green embrace of wild rainforest and raw black coast.

Further south, icy glaciers and biting winds hold you at nature's mercy, while snowy peaks dominate the horizon, staying tantalisingly out of reach as you pursue them through turquoise lakes, alpine fields, and tussocked wastelands.  In parts of this remote wilderness you can drive for hours and not meet another soul.

On the farming plains of the east, genteel towns cling to vestiges of their colonial past while the forbidding Southern Alps loom overhead with their scarred and rugged majesty.

The South Island is a place of grandeur and solitude, a truly wild corner of the untamed earth.

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