New Zealand's Wily Brown Trout

Just You, Mother Nature And A Big Ol' Brown.

New Zealand presents the angler with what is quite possibly the most extraordinary brown trout fishing on the planet.

New Zealand’s world renowned Brown Trout is a highly coveted trophy for many an angler and for good reason too, not only is their fight and their size something to behold, the waters and environs in which to stalk these gems in, is quite simply spellbinding.

Gin-clear spring creeks, freestone streams, magnificent lakes and snow fed rivers nestled in rain forests await you whilst under the powerful gaze of the mighty mountains.

In regards to their beautiful livery, the sea-run browns tend to be silver in colour whilst in the river they have a yellowish-green with an almost golden hue to them with dark brown and reddish spots, while lake browns have a creamish-yellow body and speckled appearance.  However, these fantastic colourings can change from stream to stream, even within the same stretch of water depending on the environment. 

Their uncanny ability to adapt and to adopt colourings to camouflage themselves means most anglers can walk past more than they'll see. 
These masters of disguise can be very spooky, so it pays to be stealth-like when stalking them but when you go into battle with them and then hold one of these treasures in your hands, you will be at one with nature.

Stravon Safaris are New Zealand's first Qualmark and OutdoorsMark accredited hunting provider.

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