North Island Great Walks - Cheaper than a trip to space and just as wacky!

North Island New Zealand - the closest you will ever get to life on another planet! Discover the weird & wonderful while walking in the North Island.

Famous for the snow-capped peaks of the Southern Alps, New Zealand is a land of extremes.

But, honestly my friend, if you’ve seen one white-tipped mountain range you’ve seen them all. The side of New Zealand that you HAVEN’T seen is the phenomenal biodiversity found in the central North Island – described by scientists as the closest you’ll come to studying life on another planet!

Unlike other countries, New Zealand was a predator-free zone for most of its young life. Birds, bats and insects reigned supreme. As a result, we have a whole host of weird and wonderful creatures living in our native bush.  There are over a thousand species of snail, and many species of insect have become large and even flightless. The most famous of New Zealand's insects, the weta, are ground-living relatives of the cricket that can reach enormous proportions. And don't get us started on the birds!

Join a Walking Legends guided walking trip and experience the weird and wonderful areas of the North Island.

Discover the surreal lunar landscapes of the Tongariro National Park, on the volcanically active Central Plateau, home to the worlds’ best one day hike – The Tongariro Crossing (often likened to walking on the moon).

Step back in time in Te Urewera National Park, to the north-east, to circumnavigate the spectacular Lake Waikaremoana, one of the last remaining untouched areas of New Zealand native bush and simply spectacular – you will not see anything like it anywhere else in the country! In fact the forest is recognised as the most botanically diverse in New Zealand, with over 650 different plant species.

Refresh yourself on the Coromandel Peninsula – an unforgettable journey from sparkling cerulean ocean to wide azure sky, sprinkled with precious nuggets of gold mining history and ancient giant kauri trees.

New Zealand – what we lack in size, we make up for in awesome. Get out there and explore with us!

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