On Safari in the Marlborough Sounds

It's cruising but not as we know it Captain! A guided boating adventure, where you drive your own boat, it's unique & so much fun you just have to try it!

Mucking around in boats has long been a proud kiwi tradition and Lester and Liane Bull have used their boating building expertise and a bit of ole kiwi ingenuity to create an unforgettable, unique and not to mention fun experience in the Marlborough Sounds.

I'm no sailor, but have been on a few boats in my time and have even been known to doze off in the middle of a "stunning (but extremely long) scenic" cruise (oops). But I promise you take a trip with Waterways Boating Safari and you'll be a fan for life. You get to drive your own boat which is extremely cool in one of the most beautiful areas of the world and your guide makes sure that you are not only safe but also shares the stories of the people, wildlife and fauna of the area.

On the morning of the safari the water was like glass but with the mist-like clouds, there was a very good chance of rain. Lester had given us the option of doing the safari another day but hey what's a little rain and my companion was up for it as well as four other adventurous souls, so after a thorough safety briefing off we went. I think we experienced about four seasons in that one morning but strangely every time we stopped for a story or to stretch our legs the sun came out, just like the name of our boat - Magic.

I just loved it. The Kenepuru Sound was just so beautiful and having control of your own little zippy motor made it that much more engaging. I was aware of everything around me (a good thing cause you're in charge of a boat after all!) and yeah I felt like the King of the World.