Otago for cyclists and mountain bikers!

The Otago region and Dunedin City are fantastic places for cycling. And honestly? There is no better way to explore a place than by bike!

Otago Peninsula

“One of the best one-day rides in the country.” [Source: Rennie, C. (2009). Best in Travel 2010. Footscray: Lonely Planet Publications]
The serpentine road twists along the shore of the Otago Harbour with fantastic ocean views. After the first ‘laid-back’ cycle, you can take it further by heading up Highcliff Road, a serpentine route climbing up the hills of the Otago Peninsula. Get ready for some sweating here as you gain altitude! In return, this track is providing more breathtaking views of Dunedin, its Peninsula and the ocean.

Dunedin City

Dunedin is a fantastic city for cycling because it is providing tracks at all levels of difficulty. A flat run all the way from the North East Valley through to South Dunedin and St Clair beach is an easy way to get around the city. The harbour also provides flat riding and beautiful scenery with great views of the Otago Peninsula.

More experienced cyclists and mountain bikers might want to check out the cycling tracks of the hills and bays around the city, certainly providing challenges with some uphill grade! Signal Hill, for example, is definitely a downhill mountain bikers dream!

There are multitude of tracks to choose from, ranging from easy tracks such as the “Roller Coaster” to advanced ones such as “The Haggis Basher”.

Otago Central Rail Trail

The famous Otago Central Rail Trail is an old railway line that has been reconstructed into a year-round recreational facility. It will take you on an adventure through scenery of majestic mountains, dramatic gorges and sun-drenched rocky plateaus.

From Dunedin you can take the historic Taieri Gorge Railway to Pukerangi or Middlemarch in order to get to the start of the trail. The trail caters for all fitness levels as there are no steep climbs.

You will cycle through wonderful scenery while passing small towns along the way. The entire trail takes approximately three to five days to complete but you can also just choose a certain section of the trail, e.g. as a day-trip.

So now jump onto your bicycle and enjoy the fantastic cycling tracks the Otago region has to offer! For a full map of Dunedin’s cycling tracks click here.