Oyster Accessible Travel New Zealand

Oyster NZ has researched on behalf of tourists with mobility needs to provide information to to enable the beauty of New Zealand to be accessible for all

Oyster NZ represents for the accessible traveller the fulfilment of a dream held for a lifetime, or  maybe it could simply facilitate an amazing day out with family or friends. Whatever the desired experience, Oyster NZ will enable our specialised tourist customers enjoy an “inclusive” experience

Oyster has researched the pitfalls and difficulties experienced by those tourists  with specialised needs, identifying the lack of information available as the primary obstacle to enable them to make informed decisions. Current websites do  not fulfil the potential for searching for their desired accommodation with the ease that other travellers have. Oyster NZ achieves this by offering only suitable accommodation in our guide, with direct booking of the room of their choice, rather than via a complicated phone call or email enquiring about the availability, and perhaps not getting the correct information back.

Oyster NZ makes accessible tourism seamless to our customers’ overall visitor experience. Transport, arrivals, check-in, reviews, city transfers, sightseeing tours, and local accessibility maps will be available and searchable on one easy to use website.

Oyster NZ will be marketing this specialist tourism using imagery of New Zealand, creating a critical role in saying to our customers from the outset that we want their business. All our potential clients are valued and welcome guests – as we show in photos people of all abilities enjoying a venue or activity on offer – not just the particular product, but reflecting the beauty and accessibility of New Zealand as a destination.