See Blue penguins in Oamaru.

Blue penguins are really the among the 'cutest' of birds and are found in abundance in Oamaru, South Island NZ.

Blue penguins are nocturnally active on land.

They leave the colony, before sunrise each morning, and return at dusk each night. From the Oamaru penguin colony grandstand you can watch these little dudes come ashore while listening to an informed commentary. This provides information on life cycle, breeding habits, biology and feeding habitsof the penguins.

They really are a collections of "characters'" and there are very funny individual birds. You'd think they'd be tired after a long day at sea, but no, it's party, party with lots of noise and antics.

This is a really worthwhile thing to do, and our guests return to our B&B night after night with smiles on their faces.

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