Reminiscing Our New Zealand Honeymoon

New Zealand is a favourite honeymoon destination known for its stunning landscapes and breath taking, panoramic views.

When you’re young newlyweds, what better way to spend your honeymoon that in the adventure capital of the world? That’s exactly what we did in 2003. We decided to fly to New Zealand drawn to the idea of a lovely beach getaway – where we could soak up the sun for three weeks and squeeze in an adventure or two. Even back then, New Zealand was already known for offering the full spectrum of activities for the holiday-maker.

Whether you’re into extreme sports or are really looking for a relaxing break, the country has been known to offer the best of both worlds. For our honeymoon, we wanted a nice combination of some light exploration and hiking with the last couple of weeks spent in a more luxurious beach setting. We took the South Island – North Island route, starting off in the Routeburn Track.

This iconic destination matched the skill level we had. The track was challenging, but not too physically demanding. We also appreciated that it was off the beaten path for most tourists, so we had some peace and quiet. After our tramping adventure, we shared the night in a communal bunkroom-style accommodation in huts, which was most commonly found in the area. Surprisingly, some of our best memories from our honeymoon trip was from this trek. The fiord lands offered plenty of hiking opportunities and it would have been a shame to miss out on this.

We enjoyed our time exploring Milford Sound, Fox and Franz Josef glaciers and the wonderful Abel Tasman National Park in the South Island. We decided to catch the Wellington ferry to cross over to the North Island. From there, we headed towards Tongariro National Park for some volcanic adventures. Roturua and its geothermal wonderland was our last stop. Our 17-day trip in Aotearoa was definitely the best way to spend our honeymoon. Our New Zealand trip had such a lasting impact in our married life that 6 years later, we returned with our children.

The North Island is an amazing place for seaside activities. With the water a little warmer in this part of the country (compared to the South where the sea water can be chilly even in the peak of summer), it offers a great way to finish off your honeymoon. Coromandel Peninsula, Hauraki Gulf and the Northland will give those looking for a chance to lounge around by the sea, amazing views, plenty of calm waters and pristine beaches to enjoy.

If you're interested in a holiday in New Zealand, let us know and we can arrange this for you.

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