Rental Cars: Save Time & Money So You Can Enjoy More of the Rugby

When it comes to the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand, you’ve just got to be there.

When it comes to the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand, you’ve just got to be there. How you actually get there is entirely up to you. Many travellers are looking at taking the scenic route down to the south pacific, and are coming via cruise ship. This is an excellent way of enjoying the otherwise long journey down here, but once you’re on dry land it’s not exactly going to get you to the games. For that, the prudent option has to renting a car. Thankfully there are a range of great options out there, such as Rite Price Rentals, who will co-ordinate your vehicle pick up with the arrival of your cruise ship.

New Zealand isn’t a particularly large nation, so a rental car can be a really time effective option of making your way from game to game. The existing air and rail infrastructure, along with chartered bus services are under significant pressure from the influx of tourists arriving to experience this wonderful event. This means longer wait times, and makes getting where you need to go by public transport a difficult proposition. Dealing with internal travel delays could jeopardise your ability to be at every match you wish to attend, or at the very least will undo all that relaxation you earned on your tranquil cruise ship journey.

If you want something done right you’ve got to do it yourself, so the most reliable way of keeping to your match schedule in a timely manner is to drive there yourself. By booking a rental car in advance you can ensure that you’ll have no trouble travelling around New Zealand, no matter you destination of choice. You’ve also got the added bonus of experiencing the World Cup on a grassroots level, passing through the picturesque New Zealand landscape on your own terms as you find your way to the big game.

Those World Cup tickets don’t always come cheap, making a rental car an especially attractive option for keeping costs down. With prices on other forms of travel steadily climbing during this peak season, renting a car is still the most affordable option for stress-free travel within New Zealand. Less money spent of travelling means you’ll have more to spend on the important things in life – like more rugby tickets.

To find out more about renting a car and making the most out of your Rugby World Cup experience once your cruise ship settles in beautiful New Zealand, visit the Rite Price