Rippon Vineyard horse trekking

A fabulous ride full of magnificent mountain and lake views, Rippon Vineyard holds a great opportunity to view Wanaka in a breathtaking and blissful way.

Named one of the most majestic vineyards in the world, what better way to enjoy the view than atop a horse? Rippon Vineyard is in Wanaka and has 360 degree lake and mountain views .

After being greeted by my guide Jess, we mounted our horses, mine being Sprite. Off we set into what are magnificent views of Rippon Vineyard, Lake Wanaka and all its surroundings. Though having experience riding myself, the others on the trek with me were not and they also had such a great time. It is fascinating to see how placed and graceful these horses are with all experience levels.

Around through the poplar trees and across the vines we have multiple photo opportunities, as we are wandering along the perfect view point. Past different parts of the Vineyard we learn a little about the workings of the vineyard, being organic and bio-dynamic, by the amazing Jess.

If the blissful horse ride around the vineyard wasn’t enough, we are now treated to a wine tasting in the spectacular Rippon Hall. Being produced from the land, the hall was designed by local architect Rafe McLean, who purely framed the pure magic; all year round beauty of the local area. 

In the wine tasting I learned lots about the wine, how it has gained its flavour and aroma from the nutrients in the soil and other great exponents.

I highly recommend this beautiful ride around the vineyard. The guides are friendly and you’re sure to find a companion in your stead of the day. I can see how it is known internationally for its phenomenal beauty.

It is a must do for anyone visiting the area, whether it is you or a group of friends. Make it new, make it fun, it is a fantastic time. Highly recommended.

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