Rotorua Attractions

Rotorua is the tourist hub of the North Island. It’s bursting with activities and adventure to suit anyone and everyone.

The Skyline Gondola is a definite must-do Rotorua activity. Hop into a cabin with your friends and family and ride up to the Skyline Rotorua complex. There’s a fantastic view the whole way up, but it’s so much better at the top. Take a moment to absorb the full panorama, looking out over Rotorua and nearby lakes. The Skyline Gondola is a great activity for any age and is certain not to disappoint.

After your ride up the Skyline Gondola, why not grab a cart and go for a luge? The Skyline Luge is a fun and exciting adventure activity that everyone will enjoy! There are three tracks to choose from, ranging in length and difficulty. No matter which track you choose, you are in complete control of your luge cart, so you choose how fast you want to go. Each track winds and dips through the hillside forest, with views out over Rotorua. The Skyline Luge is the perfect afternoon adventure Rotorua activity.

Jelly Bean Store
Newly opened in the Skyline complex is the Jelly Bean Store and Gallery. This delicious attraction is a concept store with a twist. With 100 different jelly bean flavours, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Why not spin the wheel and play Bean Boozled to select the next flavour you eat. Be careful though – there are some flavours that aren’t so nice but that’s part of the fun! There are also famous paintings that are recreated out of jellybeans. The Mona Lisa and Van Gogh’s The Starry Night are popular favourites. So come on up the Gondola and check out the new Jelly Bean Store, and satisfy your sweet tooth.

Walking Tracks
The Skyline Complex is nestled amongst a neat Rotorua walking track. Wander through forest and native plantings, and take a break to admire the fantastic view out over Rotorua. This is a relaxing track, perfect for winding down after your Rotorua activities.

Sky Swing
If you’re looking to test your boundaries, check out the Sky Swing. Get the adrenaline flowing, strap in and get ready to swing at speeds up to 120kph, 50m above the ground! While the ride is completely safe, your thirst for adventure will surely be satisfied from this ride.

If you thought 3D movies were good, wait till you see the 4D SkyVue ride! A World First unique theatre allows everyone the chance to feel like they’re flying. All the visuals are in HD, making for an incredibly real experience!

Climb aboard a helicopter right from the Skyline Complex. HeliPro Helicopters offer amazing scenic flights over Rotorua at your convenience. Expert pilots will take you on an insightful tour, full of local knowledge. Groups of up to six people are welcome.