Rotorua for families

The iconic tourist destination known world-wide for it's sulphar-scent and cultural expeditions, Rotorua is a popular city for family trips.

Rotorua has a lot to offer to it's intrigued visitors, both in terms of family-friendly fun and educational cultural experiences. Not to mention the world-famous geothermal activity. You can easily spend a jam-packed week here and not have a minute to spare, so I have listed my choices of activities to help you pick and choose what to do.

My Top 5 Family Activities in Rotorua

1. Meet the Farm Animals at the Agrodome

In my opinion this is a must-do family activity when in Rotorua. Its a perfect hassle-free activity when you have kids and is just a 15 minute drive from the city centre. The experience includes the multi-award winning sheep show, live sheep shearing, cow milking and lamb feeding. There is also an Organic Farm Tour  to join in on, where you can interact with the farm animals and taste the farms home made honey and kiwi fruit fresh from the orchard.

2. The Zorb

The zorb is a truly unique experience which may seem rather absurd if you're not familiar with it, but really is a lot of fun. Put simply, it involves rolling down a hill inside a big inflatable globe! There are a couple of ways to do it (either strapped in by your hands and legs or sitting down inside the ball - both are equally as safe and fun for all ages.


3. Relax in the Hot Pools

We know better in NZ than to rely on the weather when planning a trip, so on a cold or rainy day a trip out to the Waikite Thermal Valley is ideal. There are a variety of different pools and spas including family pools to splash around in, private spas for a more relaxing experience, and garden pools to soak up the surrounding scenery. Another reason for going is that the water comes from the surrounding Te Manaroa natural boiling spring, making it a purely geothermal experience.

4. Discover the Buried Village

Rotorua's historical story is fascinating, and the Buried Village shares some of this in its reinterpretation of the famous Mt Tarawere eruption. Both educational and exciting, visiting the village can be enjoyed by the whole family.

There is also a great museum with artefacts recovered from the eruption on display and a "discovery room" designed specifically to appeal to children. A tea room and children's playground is also on site if anyone needs a break during the day!

5. Hubble Bubble Boil and Trouble!

Arguably Rotorua's most famous aspect is it's natural geothermal activity and this can be enjoyed by visitors at the amazing Geothermal Valley Te Puia. A walk through the raging geysers and bubbling mud pools is an experience like no other. I would recommend taking part in one of the guided tours as it is the best way to learn about the history of the mud pools and the surrounding land.

Apartment style Rotorua accommodation for families

The unique qualities Rotorua has to offer ensures your experience in the city is a special one, and where you choose to stay can further take advantage of these qualities. We take great pride in our Rotorua based apartments as each of them work in harmony with their stunning surroundings. 

Marama Resort - On the northern edge of the lake, this spacious accommodation has 22 modern 2 and 3 bedroom self-contained apartments dotted across the 10 acres of land. Extra facilities include a jetty, boat ramp, pool, gym and tennis court.

Maruata Rotorua - A unique Rotorua accommodation experience located across from the mud pools and a short walk from the city centre. Apartment is 2 bedrooms and fully self-catering, with an outdoor geothermal bath to soak in.

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