Rotorua Skyline Luge

The Rotorua Skyline Luge has tracks up to 2km long, each with amazing views of Rotorua and nearby lakes. A great activity for any age!

Behind Rotorua, up Mt Ngongotaha, is the Skyline Luge. Fun and exciting, the luge is a great Rotorua attraction for all ages.

The first part of the adventure is taking the gondola up to the luge track. From the gondola, there are amazing views of Rotorua and nearby lakes. 

At the top, you have the choice of three exciting luge tracks. Each one varies in difficulty but all of the tracks are safe and suitable for any skill level. All of the tracks travel through the scenic Redwood forest. Once you get to the bottom, ride a chairlift back to the top of the course.

Each luge track is over 1 kilometre long, so there are plenty of twists and turns to navigate.

  • The scenic track is a good option for those who want to experience the adventure at their own pace.
  • The intermediate track is almost 2 kilometres long and includes a tunnel and chicanes, for the more adventurous.
  • The advanced track is perfect for those wanting a speedy, exciting ride with tight corners.

When you have chosen your track, get ready for a fun ride with a fantastic view the whole way down.

The Rotorua luge carts are designed so that you have control. By just moving the handles, you decide how fast or slow you want to go. This way, it’s easy to ride the track at your own pace or zoom to the bottom. The carts are easy to use and have brakes if you wish to stop.

If you’re looking for something to eat and drink, the Cableway Restaurant & Bar is located at the top of the Gondola. This means you can have lunch, and ride the luge after, making this a very worthwhile attraction.