Rowi Kiwi Features on cover of NZ Geographic

Our rowi kiwi, the most endangered kiwi in the world found only in Okarito West Coast NZ, was on the cover of NZ Geographic last month.

Dusty, NZ's most endangered kiwi,  featured on the cover of last month's edition of New Zealand Geographic. The rowi kiwi, found only in the forest near Okarito, South Westland, is the most endangered of the five kiwi species, with only  450 approx left.  The article provides a great insight into the life of a rowi,  and the expanse that amazing people will go to keep these little guys alive.  The team at Department of Conservation, in combination with the West Coast Wildlife Centre, both in Franz Josef, keep the rowi numbers slowly increasing with all the hard work they do.

You can see the rowi Kiwi, as well as the Haast Tokoeka (another of the five kiwi species)  at the West Coast Wildlife Centre.  They have a full nocturnal house, as well as incubation facilities to hatch the kiwi eggs.  You can take a tour of the nocturnal house, or pay a bit extra to see both.  It's well worth the tour, which also features information on how the Glaciers are formed, West coast History and information.

For the full NZ Geographic article see

For more info about the West Coast Wildlife Centre see or or to make donation to the Kiwi for Kiwis Trust


Photo: Grant Maslowski, NZ Geographic

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