Running off the ledge – More bungy fun in Queenstown

Sarah Bond, a Freelance Travel Writer from Dunedin, New Zealand, gives an account of her experience at the Ledge Bungy.

Riding up Bob’s Peak on the Skyline Gondola, just the sight of the Ledge Bungy Jump has me perspiring.

A little fazed, I get off at the gondola terminal, misread the child-proof blue and white signs and march in the wrong direction.

When I finally get to The Ledge office, Alisa explains that I get to jump first and swing second.

She directs me to the bungy platform, which is suspended over a rock face.

There’s no river below like there is at Kawarau Bridge Bungy, just a full frontal view of Queenstown and the gondola flying past.

Phil, with his Zen-like calm, sets me up in an over the shoulder riggers harness and explains the ‘The Ledge’ bungy concept.

The attachment point on the harness is just above my belly button. So rather than diving off the platform, the plan is to run like a lemming... into thin air.

Phil starts the bungy countdown, I close my eyes at the last minute and yes, I scream as I hurl myself off the platform.

After I stop bouncing, with my heightened senses, colours look brighter. Queenstown, Lake Wakatipu and the Remarkable Ranges look fantastic spread out beneath me.

The true joy of The Ledge Bungy is that you can jump off anyway you want.

Dave from New Castle, England jumps immediately after me and pulls a complete somersault. Phil suggests that I could ‘try something freestyle too’.

I decline, I’ve conquered The Ledge Bungy jump, and that’s enough for one day!

Article by Sarah Bond, Freelance Travel Writer

"The Ledge Bungy is definitely one of those must do Queenstown attractions. The views are simply phenomenal."

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