Safe motorhome and campervan travel

Motorhome and campervan travel is so much fun, and one of the best ways to see New Zealand. Here are a few handy tips to ensure you drive and travel safe.

Companies such as Cheapa Campa offer motorhome and campervan hire from Christchurch.

On pick up ensure you pay attention to the briefing. Memorise how the air conditioner/heaters, shower, microwave and TV/DVD work, and practice using the awning and lighting the gas stove – this will reduce wasted time on the road.

The Christchurch Top 10 Holiday Park is a great place to stay a few nights to familiarise yourself with your motorhome before continuing your travels.

Before you hit the road
Whether you’re following the East Coast or West Coast of the South Island, prepare for some long driving stretches. Close everything that can be closed, pack away anything that moves and ensure everything is unplugged or switched off – electrical cables, gas bottles and appliances are very important. Ensure all cupboards and drawers are securely fastened.

On the road and parking
New Zealand’s roads are safe and kept in good order, and perfect for motorhomes. Big motorhomes are easier to manoeuvre than you would think – but make good use of the rear parking camera if you have one, or use a ‘spotter person’ for reverse parking and tight roads.

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