Self Drive through New Zealand

There are so many ways to explore a country for the first time, but none will give you the control like a self-drive trip.

The idea of a road trip is, for some, the perfect vacation. Others have told us that a road trip makes them think of “winging it” with no plans, and that they don’t want to travel that way. We want to show you how you can have a well planned, luxurious holiday in New Zealand, that will combine standard travel days with self-drive days.  While the group day tours that we suggest and book have been hand selected by us and we know them to be the best possible tours in the country, there is always something to be said about hopping in the car with your family and making your own adventures.

New Zealand is quite possibly the perfect country for self-driving and the advantages of a self-drive tour are truly fantastic. Perhaps the most rewarding benefit of taking yourself to these locations is that, with our carefully crafted routes, you are given the opportunity to mingle with the locals. You can hear personal stories and regional history that will mean so much more coming from those who have lived it, rather than a tour guide. The northernmost vicinity of New Zealand, known as the Northland Region, has a deep and rich history that ties both Maori and non-Maori people together, and you simply will not hear it if you do not go there and experience it firsthand.  Sit and listen to the stories and myths that molded this magnificent land. Whether through those tales, visual shows, intricate bone carvings, visiting a museum, or simply going for a walk, the warm spirit of these people will touch you.

Driving yourself gives you the chance to get off the beaten path, but it will also give you the freedom to explore what makes a region famous. Nearly one third of New Zealand has been distinguished as a National Park; that is more than 30,000 square kilometres, bursting with beautiful, natural scenery eager to be explored! Many of our routes will take you through Tongariro, New Zealand’s first national park. It has been honored with a dual World Heritage status which distinguishes the park's significance, both culturally and spiritually to the Maori people, and lauds its stupendous volcanic landscape.  The extreme diversity in this one park alone is remarkable.  From volcanic mountains to placid lakes, from desert plateaus to luscious fields, there is no better place to get your feet on the ground and delve into the exquisiteness of the nature around you. Your family can traverse through this wonderland together, or perhaps you will all find a place that speaks to you and spend some time in tranquil reflection.

Hawke’s Bay, on the east coast of the Northern Island, has become world-renowned for it’s more than 75 wineries, and to-die-for regional cuisines; however beyond that, there is much to see and experience.  A massive earthquake in 1931 resulted in the Hawke’s Bay area becoming one of the most singular Art Deco cities in the world. The effects of the quake were tremendous and devastating and much of the commercial center was destroyed.  However, rebuilding was completed within two years of the disaster thanks to the efforts of gifted and creative local architects. Maori themes were clearly used in the redesign which has given the city a brilliant and unique New Zealand flavor.   Our self-drive routes through Hawke’s Bay give you the perfect opportunity to get into the heart of this land and chose some breathtaking spots to stop for a drink or two, a great bite to eat, and a walk through their past. 

You certainly needn’t worry about feeling bored or cooped up on a self-drive holiday. Truly, there are unlimited options. Together with rejuvenating accommodations and some celebrated day tours, you are sure to have the time away that you’ve dreamed of; we are simply here to bring your dreams to reality.

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