Sharplin Falls Track

This is an easy 45min return walk through beech forest at the base of Mt Somers. .

The Sharplin Falls Track is a lovely walk to do with children or if you just want a nice walk in the bush. The track itself is well formed and easy to follow.

How to get there......

Staveley, where the Sharplin Falls Track starts from is an easy 20min drive from Methven along the Scenic Route 72.

What to see.........

You walk over a bridge to begin with and the up through the beech forest. The forest is only a vestige of the extensive tracts that once covered the foothills. Catastrophic fires, started accidentally swept through destroying the forest.

The forest remnant is dominated by beech, especially mountain beech with some silver beech occupying the most favourable sites. Other trees include southern rata, broadleaf and mountain celery pine.

Bellbirds, and silvereye are the commonest native birds in the forested areas though rifleman, fantail and tomtit are also present.

This information is from the DOC brochure Mt Somers Track this is available from the Methven i-SITE Visitor Centre.

In the winter months (weather dependant) there is a privately owned outdoor skating rink. This is a must do experience.

There is a shelter by the rink for those wanting to watch, complete with open fire for toasting marshmallows.

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