Sherlock Holmes Star - Blown away by Skydive Paradise Scenery

Benedict Cumberbatch who stars as Sherlock Holmes took the opportunity to go skydiving with Skydive Paradise near Queenstown recently.

Benedict had been in the Glenorchy area filming the new Hobbit Trilogy and said the Paradise scenery had blown him away – there was no other place that could match it. 

Skydive Paradise scenery is unique - it's a great way to experience the mountains

 The main thing that sets Skydive Paradise apart from other New Zealand tandem skydive dropzone’s is its location, which is at the Head of Lake Wakatipu and near New Zealand's adventure capital – Queenstown

From 15,000 feet, tandem skydivers can really appreciate the glaciers, lakes and sea of mountains which form the South Islands famous divide - the west coast isn’t far away at all.   Other local landmarks like the Humboldt Mountains, Mt Earnslaw and the Dart River form a stunning back drop as the parachute canopy is deployed and the floating sensation of freefall comes to an end.  Everything seems still and quiet as you realise you are floating under a parachute canopy surrounded by amazing mountain views as you fly down to earth and your landing.

Photos and video help you relive your skydive experience

Choose to take home photos and video to relive your entire experience, and marvel at the unique scenery that puts Paradise on the movie screen time and time again.  

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