Skydiving over Glenorchy

A heart stopping skydive over paradise was the perfect way to welcome my parents to the Adventure Capital of the World!

Skydiving over Glenorchy was on my long list of adrenaline pumping must do’s while living and working in Queenstown and when my parents came to visit I thought what better way to welcome them to New Zealand than to throw my dad from a plane!

Having been a Queenstowner for nine months I had heard many good reviews about local skydiving company Skydive Paradise so I thought why not give it a go.

I booked the skydive for 10am on a Sunday and woke up in the morning to a perfect blue-bird day without no wind. Perfect skydiving weather I thought as I phoned the number for the weather call.

The friendly girl on the end of the line confirmed my suspicions, yep we were jumping today.

After a light breakfast my father and I drove out to Glenorchy. Skydive Paradise offer complimentary transport but we thought lunch in picturesque Glenorchy would be a great way to celebrate surviving jumping from a plane from 15,000ft.

The drive from Queenstown is truly spectacular as you wind your way along Lake Wakatipu you’re greeted with the most incredible views.

Arriving at the dropzone is a highlight in itself, the dropzone is right on Lake Wakatipu and the friendly staff greeted us with big smiles.

After a briefing from the team we were introduced to our tandem masters and got suited up for the big jump!

During the flight to altitude my tandem master Olly provide a running commentary about the area which almost made me forget that I was about to throw my Dad out of a plane over Lake Wakatipu.

As we got closer to 15,000ft my nerves started to get the better of me but Olly assured me it would be worth it so I took a few deep breaths as we shuffled to the plane door.

The door opened and I said a last farewell to my dad before he and his tandem master Mac fell from the plane.

It was our turn, we moved to the open door and swung our legs over the edge, and we were out of the plane and freefalling.

It was potentially the longest 60 seconds of my life and it was a huge relief when Olly pulled the parachute and we started to float back to earth.

The highlight of the experience was when Olly let me steer the parachute, also very brave of him to let me, a nervous Aussie have the controls!

We landed back on the ground and the adrenaline was still pumping for a good hour after landing.

Skydiving over Glenorchy is hands down one of the best experiences I have had during my working holiday in Queenstown!