Skydiving over wintery Queenstown

Skydiving over snowy Queenstown during winter will be one of the highlights of your adventure in New Zealand!

During the winter months you could be easily mistaken for thinking skydiving over Queenstown would come to a standstill.

Despite the colder temperatures NZONE Skydive still continue to give tandem customers the experience of a lifetime jumping from a perfectly good airplane 15,000ft over Queenstown!

Whether you skydive in winter or summer the view are incredible but the extra element of snowy weather makes for some truly incredible views during your winter skydive.

As you jump out of the plane over Queenstown you’ll be greeted with snow-capped mountains which stretch far into the distance, on a cloudless day you can even see all the way to Mount Cook!

For all the snow bunnies that make their way to Queenstown during winter, we skydive over The Remarkables Mountain range so as you’re jumping you can check out all the ski runs you plan to tackle the next day.

Queenstown’s alpine environment means that during the winter months the weather can be very changeable which can affect skydiving conditions. It is recommended that you book your skydive for your first available day in Queenstown, that way you won’t miss out on seeing the incredible winter views for yourself.

Visit the NZONE Skydive website to lock in your winter skydiving adventure in Queenstown, NZ.

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