Skydiving - Possibly the most mind-blowing seconds of your life

Most people list skydiving on their bucket lists, but it's way more than just an item to be ticked off.

There's a neverending list of to-dos in New Zealand. There are so many great walks, amazing swims with dolphins, kayaking around coasts that are nothing short of magnificent, you get the idea. But never say you've been to New Zealand without skydiving. There are many other places in the world to do it, but falling from the sky doesn't get more beautiful than having The Remarkables coming closer and closer to you in Queenstown, New Zealand's adrenaline hub.

I chose to do the 12,000 feet jump with NZONE Skydive in Queenstown, having been seduced by their instagram photos. Although it's really more about the experience than the photos, I did choose the photo + video combo to document this daredevil activity that I thought I'll do just once in my life (but now I really want to do it again). Some skydiving companies have the tandem masters take photos that are more like selfies, so another reason why I chose to go with NZONE Skydive is because the photographer jumps WITH you to ensure you get really good shots of both your expressions as well as the amazing background. They capture the essential moments for you to always look back fondly -- the moment before throwing yourself off the plane; the "face of fear" when you just jumped off the plane; the duration of your freefall; and right after landing. The video is probably hilarious for yourself to watch, but it's a cool snippet to share at your house party or on Facebook. Or to show off to your grandkids.

Skydiving was a terrifying concept for me, and that is exactly why it's absolutely positively the most amazing and memorable 45 seconds of my life. The rush from it was just what I needed to feel -- alive and so happy to be.

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