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Hawke's Bay's Mohaka River, is truly a New Zealand gem. Offering stunning scenery along it's class 2-5 rapids, it is an adventure not to be missed.

One of our guests recently commented that we should rename ourselves the New Zealand Memory Manufacturing Company. A compliment; a funny one, but we knew where she was coming from. It's a sentiment that a lot of our guests express and something we try to foster within our business. Helping people take home great memories is easy for us because, in a sense, it's something we're built to do.

It begins with our staff. One thing that we've always done was to ensure that we have guides who make the trips great;people who are naturally fun to spend a day with and who genuinely enjoy their jobs.

Our guides help guests who are nervous or unsure about rafting and everything that it entails, feel comfortable and safe; prepared for what might lie around the next corner. Or, if it's a bit more of an adventure you're seeking, kick it up a notch and push the envelope with the crew. They can do this confidently because they have the necessary skills to keep things safe and fun.

The second element of making our guests feel great and enjoy themselves is something that sometimes people don't think about: The gear. We understand that it's important to have comfortable, nice-smelling and clean gear. We know this, because we've seen poor examples in other places.

It's one of those things that people don't often think about, but if it is done right it can put you at ease and allow you to focus on your time on the water with family and friends. Our gear is newer, clean, and well maintained. The boats will get a bit dusty on the way down to the river, but they soon get washed off.

The last piece of the Memory Co., is place. We are so fortunate to have such a beautiful river on the North Island, and located in Hawke's Bay too! We've had experience working on other rivers around both islands of this country, and even around the world.

One thing that we all agree on is the fact that the Mohaka River is an absolutely special place. This river truly offers it all and allows us to offer our guests a trip that matches their desires.

If you're looking for a more relaxed approach to some places that you wouldn't be able to see by foot or car, the Mohaka's various grade 2 stretches are probably for you.

These grade 2, single day trips are great for people who are perhaps just passing though, or have a few hours they’d like to spend doing something a bit different. We can offer you a ride in a guided raft, or have one of our guides lead you down the river in your own inflatable kayak.

The type of rapids you find on a grade 2 typically have wave sizes less than one metre and the moves required are simple. Guests may have to paddle a bit to help avoid rocks, but generally the paddling strain is low. This type of trip is usually about a 4 hour experience, usually spending about 2-2.5 hours on the water.

For those who want to feel a little a little more on the edge, or just spend a whole day with us, the grade 3 section of the Mohaka is an excellent choice. Still great for people who have never been rafting before and might be feeling a bit nervous, the river starts out relatively calm and gradually builds in intensity.

Our guests really enjoy this trip as it has a lot to offer. There is an abandoned gold mine in the side of the river we can check out and see the Cave Wetas, cliff jumping opportunities as well as varied and spectacular New Zealand scenery. On this run, guests are relied upon to help get the raft where it needs to go, paddling hard at times to make sure the raft can make it through some of the rapids.

River features on this stretch of river vary quite a bit with flow, but you will encounter waves more than a metre high and you may have to jump from side to side in the raft, and hold on to prevent yourself from falling out. You can expect this to be a full-day activity spending approximately 4-6 hours on the water.

The last of the day trips that have been making some great memories for our crews is the grade 4/5 journey on the Mohaka. To sum this up in brief, bigger more complicated rapids, deep 200m canyons, massive rocks and fantastic fun. This trip brings the intensity up another notch and delivers a true New Zealand grade 4/5 trip. This is a full-day experience as well with guests spending at least 4 hours on the water.

But what’s really a great about being located in Hawke’s Bay, is that not only do we have the Mohaka River to raft, but we also have the Ngaruroro River at our backdoor.

For our guests who want to get out and experience a week in the wilderness, either river can handsomely deliver. In addition to the great calibre of white water along the journeys, ancient beech forests, stunning canyons, gorges, mountains, pools of trout and natural thermal hot pools await your discovery.

If you’re interested in creating some memories with us during your trip around New Zealand, contact us. We’d love to bring you along.

~ Norm

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Mohaka Rafting is located at 3408 State Highway 5, between Napier and Taupo.

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