Sports Massage in Methven

Distinctive, unique, probing massage to encourage change and healing to your body for improved power, energy and comfort.

Massage for bodies that need to work or play hard!

There are times in everybody's life when our bodies let us down, either through injury, overwork, repetition, or pure neglect.  Bodies are adaptors, so will ignore persistant pain or discomfort in order to continue doing the tasks required of it.  Sometimes the body will protest loud enough that we have to listen.. thats when we will seek out a therapy of some description to understand what has gone wrong.  As a sports massage therapist my job is to slowly work through your body's tissue and seek out where it has got stuck. often splinting itself together to perform the task. I will ask you questions on how you live in your body and discuss with you why and how it has got stuck.  some pain will clear from the body quickly, and some will not! then i will discuss with you what you need to do to live in your body comfortably and to get it working for you, not against you.


In order to help bodies be comfortable, we need to learn to keep the muscle fibers stretched and relaxed. When they are held in tension they become fatigued and then inflammed,  often causing a chronic pain. Stretching helps to clean out any inflammation and prevent the muscle from sticking together.  imagine hot and cold spaghetti,  when it's hot it slithers all over the place. when it's cold it clumps together and gets sticky.. muscles are like that.


Once you have an understanding of how your body has got stuck and uncomfortable, the next step is to learn how to live within the limits of your body and it's injury to keep it happy and content.  Your body is not a static thing but a dynamic, repair process. Everytime you push the boundries of your body, it then has to invest a lot of effort into repair and recovery.(ever wondered why you get so tired?) The harder you push it, the harder it has to work to repair.. believe me, bodies are machines if they are looked after so it makes a lots of sense to keep it in perfect condition so you can live, work and play hard.



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