Spring in New Zealand – A Special Time of Year!

What makes springtime so special in New Zealand, why it’s one of our favourite times of year down here and why you should plan to visit during Spring.

Spring is undoubtedly a special season for us and we think that everyone should have the chance to experience all that New Zealand has to offer during it. The weather, wildlife, plant life and natural features of the land are all are their best, plus with less people on the trails and cheaper flight options available, what’s not to love about a springtime trip to New Zealand?


Our spring season here at New Zealand Trails kicks off in October and runs through to late November. Spring weather in New Zealand can be somewhat hard to predict, there can be the odd rain shower or even snowfall mixed in with the glorious sunshine. Usually the rain doesn’t set in for long, so while it’s worth packing your waterproof jacket, you certainly won’t be wearing it the whole time you’re here.

Plant Life

Of course, in spring you’re always find cheerful rows of daffodils popping their heads up, but we also have a vast array of native trees, plants, flowers, shrubs, ferns and mosses, many of which gain a new ‘spring’ in their step after winter. Our unofficial national flower, the native Kowhai also blooms during the spring months – its brilliant bright yellow flowers attracting all manner of little birds such as the fantail, tui and bellbird. From October onwards, the endemic Harakeke (flax) also puts out large orange red flowers which really get the native birds excited!


You can’t speak about spring without mentioning lambs, it would be a crime. We know technically they’re not wild, but they’re too adorable to ignore. New Zealand is famous for its population of sheep, providing us with not only the superbly practical merino wool, but also a tasty Sunday roast option (lambs, cover your ears!) Aside from those uses, they are also a tremendous source of entertainment, particularly during lambing season.

Quiet Trails and Cheaper Flights

Aside from the abundance of natural delights that spring brings with it, there are also a few unexpected perks to travelling to our shores from October through November, into early December. While some in the travel industry might consider spring to be the ‘shoulder’ season, not so at New Zealand Trails - we love it!

For those of you that can’t make it down here during spring, all is not lost. You’ll still have an incredible time no matter when you come, we promise!

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