Stéphane Cohen's New Zealand Top 5

My cameraman and I travelled from Northland to Invercargill in a campervan to report on the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand.

Apart from covering key French games, including the final which attracted 14+ million viewers in France, I spent two months reporting on festivals, Maori culture, arts, tourism and kiwi innovation.

When I was asked to pick my top 5 highlights of New Zealand, I thought it was just impossible for me to select the top five places or activities as every single second was a dream in this country.

So what I chose was a bunch of photos. They are what I call "moments", you know, when you have a cocktail of "feeling good-meeting nice people in the right place at the right moment". Because New Zealand is mainly that for me : not just a postcard but a way of life.

Here they are...

Meeting Tana Umaga near the Eden Park one day I was filming the stadium during the week. Nobody. Just he and me. Had a great talk about his time in France.

Every minute in the campervan was intense! We saw so many beautiful things. Both islands! 9000 km in 2 months. That was a dream. Special tribute to... everywhere

Amazing surf experiences in Raglan, Taranaki and Piha. Just bought a board at Piha surf shop to a nice old guy. Instead of renting it to me for 2 months, he sold it and bought it almost same price before I left ! That's NZ !

The best sushi restaurant in the world !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sushi Ninja in New Plymouth. The chef is a master. Please send him to Paris. We spent some extra days in NP just to eat at Sushi Ninja. I'm not kidding : this place deserves a world reputation.

We went to Christchurch, met the boss of a pub who allowed us to film the people watching TV during a NZ-Japan game in his pub. Met him again two weeks later in Auckland. He was so drunk that he behaved like an old friend. So nice ! Also a special tribute to Sean Marsh at Te Puia in Rotorua. A man with a lot of spirit.

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