Take a walk around Diamond Lake in Wanaka

Take a walk on one of our favourite South Island Tracks and enjoy the breath-taking views from the top.

Only ten minutes from Wanaka, the full Diamond Lake track is a three hour loop, and well worth the effort, but if your legs don't fancy the full circuit, there are several other, shorter routes to choose from, from a 20 minute amble from the DOC carpark to Diamond Lake itself, or further on for around an hour to a great viewpoint up above the lake.

If you've got the energy and the time though, we really recommend the full walk, and because it has an east and west track, rather than having to turn around and head back down the way you came, you're able to walk a full loop which is always more enjoyabel! We recommend you take the west track up and loop back via the east track so you can appreciate the views of Lake Wanaka below you all the way down.

Ice age glaciers have carved much of the landscape around Diampond Lake and although the views from the top are what most people head to the track for, the flora and fauna along the way provide interesting scenery and you may even recognise some of the rocky outcrops from the Lord of The Rings films as the area was used to depict the 'rugged country of Rivendell'.

Once you reach Diamond Lake itself, you can carry on climbing up the track to the viewing platform. Its undoubtedly a little effort, but rewards you with lovely views of the surrounding landscapes.

Climb a little higher still, staying on the track for another 15-20 minutes and you'll enjoy breath-taking views out over Glendhu Bay and Lake Wanaka from the Lake Wanaak lookout.

From here the track ocontinues its ascent to reach the final viewpoint at Rocky Mountain, and boy is it worth the climb! Truly stunning views surround you, with Mount Aspiring to the west and Lake Wanaka below. It's a perfect time to rest your legs (theres a handy bench to sit on), unpack your picnic and soak up your surroundings. If you're anything like us, you'll easily lose an hour or so enjoying the peace and tranquillity of the area, before a steady walk back down, taking in the views from a different perspective.  

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