Martinborough: A wide range for wine lovers

Find out what makes Martinborough wines so special.

People are often surprised by the variety of wine on offer when they visit Martinborough boutique wine producers. While the ‘old flames' will always be drawn to our famous Pinot Noir, new styles are turning heads on the wine trail.

Elevation, soil type and sun exposure all contribute to the unique expression found in Martinborough's wines. As you travel from one location to the next you become aware of the contrasting geography that makes the valuable point of difference sought by each estate. From the elevated Te Muna Valley  and the north facing slopes of Dry River Road, to the  Huangarua river terrace, Martinborough offers a range of varietals and styles . Diversity is now proving strength as more wine lovers discover that there is more to Martinborough than fantastic Pinot Noir.

Cool climate Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Franc offer a pleasant surprise to those aware only of our award winning Pinot Noir. Muller- Thurgau, Gwurtztraminer and Gruner Veltliner  draw attention as the faithful discover new favourites amongst the delicate Pinot Gris and decidedly different Sauvignon Blanc.

White varietals fermented on skins, new blends and lightly oaked Chardonnays highlight the ability of boutique wineries to innovate and evolve to stay on the avant garde side of food and wine worldwide.

So whether the challenges to producers be wild deer feeding on the vines, frost, or rainy weather, it all is bottled to highlight the very best aspects of Martinborough's 1% contribution to the national crush.