The advantages of private touring

There's many advantages when it comes to going on your own private tour. Choose exactly what you want to see & do with the expertise of a local guide.

You step off the plane after a long haul flight. Your tired mind is constantly thinking of how you are going to get into town, what you will do and how you will get there, and most importantly - will you get everything out of this once-in-a-lifetime New Zealand experience? 

With a private tour, the answer is yes. Your own private driver/guide is here to take care of all the hassle and worry for you - letting you relax and truly enjoy your New Zealand holiday!

Tailored service, right from day one...

After landing, you are taken to your privately driven 4WD vehicle, where your guide takes your luggage and loads the truck for you before offering you a chilled bottle of water. Your guide drives into Auckland city and describes in detail through the eyes of a born and bred kiwi about the local area while suggesting a plan for the day, & what your thoughts are. It is, after all, your tour - you will be taken wherever your heart desires.

With a private tour, there's no need to worry about 50 other people all piled onto a coach, each with different ideas and opinions about what they want to see and do - a private tour is all about your needs, and your needs only.

We embark on our guided city tour of Auckland visiting such sights as Mt Eden Crater and its stunning 360 degree view point of the city, Auckland Harbour Bridge and one of our favourite look out spots with views of Rangitoto Island and Coromandel Peninusla in the background. We also visit one of our favourite little spots for a chance to really see what makes Auckland the city of sails - one of Auckland's most exclusive yacht clubs. This is so close to the city yet so quiet and away from the hustle and bustle that it kind of makes you forget that there are a million other people in the vicinity.

At the end of the tour for the day, your guide takes you back to your waterfront hotel that overlooks the harbour. You are taken out to dinner in the evening to one of our favourite restaurants that one can watch the boats go sailing past while enjoying gourmet seafood and a variety of New Zealand specialty wines and beers.

This is only day one of the tour - and the beginning of an amazing adventure. Over the next few days you will learn, see and experience all that this wonderful country has to offer. You will get to know your guide and they will get to know all about you. You will visit spots that we have sourced out for their natural beauty, away from the hustle and bustle of all the major tourist traps, and - most importantly - if you want to change the plan during the day you absolutely can.

Private Touring versus Coach Touring - what's the advantages?

  • With a private tour, you get to create your own itinerary with your guide's help. Perhaps you want to see spectacular coastline? Or some bubbling mud pools, or the oldest Kauri tree in the world? You get to tailor the itinerary you want.
  • There is a lot more time in the day for sightseeing as with small groups there is no waiting for that person to hurry up and get back on the coach.
  • You'll get the experience of staying on small boutique farmstays and really experiencing local New Zealand life. Bus companies can't do this as these properties just don't have the capacity for the masses.
  • You will get to visit special walking spots that involve driving down scenic routes that you would never have time for on a fixed coach tour.
  • On a private tour, you'll get to know your guide on a personal basis and really learn about what it means to be a New Zealander. There's no need to worry about your driver's time being divided up by 50 other people.
  • With a private tour, you have the ability to change the plan during the day. On a coach trip you book a fixed tour with some highlights and activities that you will like and others not so much yet you have to pay for an all-inclusive, regardless. With a private tour you will see only exactly what you want to on your holiday
  • A private tour is affordable. We offer budget, mid-range and luxury options to suit every style of travel. 

Come and join us in wonderful New Zealand on your own tailor-made private tour with The Road Trip.


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