The best places to get free and fast wifi in Wellington

So the waterfront wifi is not too fast, but luckily Wellington has three really good cafes where you can sit down, do your emails and enjoy a fresh cuppa!

Have you just got to Wellington waterfront in search of thefree wifi and discovered it's really slow and only good to check maybe one email. Well, I've written a quick summary for you. Right below, I'll tell you three places that will be perfect for you to get fast internet and really good food and drink.

The only thing I ask is that get something from these places. They're all locally owned and sell the best of the best food and drink wise. So enjoy.

1. Olive Cafe - 170/172 Cuba Street.

This is number #1 for me, up Cuba St opposite the big yellow 'Slow boat records' this cafe sells really good tea, coffee and fresh food. It's got a really good outside courtyard too, which is protected from the wind. Not only that, the internet is free and fast. I usually sit down for a couple of hours... A few cups of Kawakawa later. My web work is done!

2. Hashigo Zake - 25 Taranki Sreet.

This cult bar is not only home to the best range of unique beers and Wellington's growing crafty beer cult. It too has free and fast internet (just ask the staff for the password.  In the day time it is quiet and you can get through a heap of work... and beer. 

3. Espressoholic - 138 Cuba Steet.

A bit louder but bring your headphones. This coffee hangout is open late hours, so if your body clock is stuffed, jet lagged and what not. This cafe should be open, with free and fast wifi too.

Let me know if you find any others, I'm always interested to find more!