The Best Places to Work in New Zealand

What are the best spots to land a working holiday job in New Zealand?

Sure, backpacking in New Zealand is awesome, but you have to work to fund their travels at some point.

To maximise the chance of getting the job you want in New Zealand, we have gathered the statistics to show the best regions for employment. You may think that looking for work in the biggest city is your best bet, but not necessarily. You will have to compete with way more people to get a job in Auckland than in Queenstown (Otago), for example:

Auckland - Work Statistics

            62% employment rate

            8% unemployment rate


        - Auckland                 - North Shore City

        - Parakura                 - Franklin

         - Rodney                    - Waitakere

         - Manukau

Principal Industries:

        - Manufacturing

        - Retail

        - Professional Scientific and Technical Services

        - Healthcare and Social Assistance

        - Education and Training



Otago - Work Statistics

           66% employment rate

           4.5% unemployment rate


        - Queenstown Lakes    - Waitaki

        - Dunedin                        - Central Otago

        - Clutha

Principal Industries:

       - Healthcare and Social Assistance

       - Retail

       - Accommodation and Food Services

       - Manufacturing


Work Statistics for All New Zealand Regions:

Check out the Working Holiday Starter interactive map to get the employment statistics for all regions in New Zealand. And check out our Starter Pack to maximise your chances of finding work in New Zealand.

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