The Cry of the Tui - Puketi Forest, Bay of Islands

An annual Bay of Islands Bird Watchers delight as native Tui scrap over the nectar of one special tree nestled amongst giant Kauri Trees in Puketi Forest.

The Cry of the Tui - Bay of Islands Bird Watchers Delight...

There is a reason that the fourth largest Kauri Tree is called Te Tangi o Te Tui.  (The Cry of the Tui).  Every year when the micro valley in Puketi Forest (Bay of Islands)  that is home to this mighty Kauri Tree bursts into flower, the bird grapevine goes mad!  The Tawari tree that shares the valley with the Kauri Giant flowers in mid to late November – quite late compared to other trees.  The sweet nectar draws the infamous Tui from miles around to supp the abundant food.  Being territorial birds,  the valley becomes a boiling pot of protective Tui who fiercely claim and protect their patch in a cacophony of Tui calls.  “It’s a wonderful display that is a privilege for ardent bird watchers and novice nature seekers alike to see and especially hear” says Chief Guide for Adventure Puketi Ian Candy – “the birds scrapping over their chosen nectar patch is hugely entertaining and very very noisy!”

Adventure Puketi offers special tours into the Bay of Islands valley of Te Tangi O Te Tui to time with the late spring flowering.  (Mid-late November).  A must for bird watchers, tui fans and forest enthusiasts as it will show you Tui behavior like never seen before!  The tour will feature the Tui display as well as some of the worlds largest Kauri Trees and you visit the Takapau Kauri and the fourth largest Kauri – Te Tango O Te Tui.

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