The magic of Hamurana Springs, Rotorua, close to Nicara Lodge

No visit to Rotorua is complete without a visit to the Hamurana Springs & Stream, a truly magic place.

Hamurana Spring

Is the deepest natural fresh water spring on the North Island of New Zealand. Located to the north east of Lake Rotorua (9 km from Nicara Lodge), the crystal clear spring emerges from a rocky area within a Department of Conservation reserve.

The spring water originates from the Mamaku Plateau from where it travels 70 years through underground aquifers, before reaching Hamurana, where it pushes up through volcanic (rhyolitic) rock.

The spring is 920 feet (280 m) above sea level and is approximately 15 metres (50 ft) deep. It produces an estimated 4.5 million litres of crystal clear water per hour at a fairly constant temperature of 10 degrees Celsius.

The spring flows as a stream for approximately one kilometre before joining Lake Rotorua. In summer the stream is home to rainbow trout which prefer the cooler temperature of the spring water.

The area around the springs has largely lost its original vegetation – though some of the exotic vegetation has become an attraction in itself.

A grove of coastal redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens), native to the Pacific coast of North America, were planted alongside the river in 1919, probably by the farmer at the time. The tallest ones now are an impressive 55 metres high.

The walk to the springs begins at the car park, crosses the Hamurana Stream then wanders along the stream.

This track is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. It offers easy walking with beautiful scenic views throughout the whole stream-side walk, which passes through the grove of redwoods.

A bridge near the end of the track can be crossed to link up with a road on the other side of the stream to complete the loop track, 45 minutes easy return.

The surrounding wildlife sanctuary plays host to many species of birds including black teal, scaup (NZ diving duck), herons and the endangered dabchick. Also the more common mallard duck and geese.

This is a nice, family orientated area with calming picnic spots in a picturesque setting.

Recently the Hamurana Stream Incorporated Society (HSIS), in conjunction with Department of Conservation, has spent many hours clearing the stream banks and planting large groves of NZ native trees, replacing the original vegetation.

Nicara Lodge is a member HSIS; Heather & Mike regularly take part in working bees to maintain the paths and planting native trees.

Nicara Lodge, which has been awarded a Qualmark Enviro Gold, offers guests an opportunity to purchase a native tree which is then planted in an area specific for Travellers' Trees, on the walkway.

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